Education and exchange

In 2019/2020 an educational programme is launched in which all schools in Leiden are working with partner schools in the United States and the United Kingdom. The programme engages students between the ages of 8-20 on a wide range of themes, including heritage education, inclusion and migration history and legacies. It acknowledges the multiperspective nature of the history and heritage of the pilgrims’ story of migration.

The commemorative year is an opportunity to explore the rich history and heritage of the pilgrims’ lives in Leiden which raises questions. For example, how could they have been both refugees and colonizers? How much do we know about migration in the past? Can their story be used to understand migration in the present? How is the Mayflower voyage commemorated and where? By whom and why? Addressing these matters in teaching and learning contributes to young people’s critical thinking skills.

This educational programme is driven by international and local partnerships between educational, research and societal organisations. More detailed information about the projects and activities can be found below.