About Leiden400

one commemoration, 4 nations, a 1000 voices

Leiden400 is an alliance between Leiden Heritage, Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden Marketing and Pieterskerk Leiden. In 2016, these parties joined forces to see if Leiden could participate in the international commemoration in 2020. Following a positive response from a quartermaster, the four parties appointed a coordinator in 2017. Together with the City of Leiden, a programme was developed and new international relationships were initiated, all to accomplish the parties’ shared mission. The Leiden400 steering committee is very appreciative of the support given by the City of Leiden. The City funded the programme as well as part of the cost of organizing it. In addition, there was support from Dutch Culture, several embassies and steering committee partners themselves, who have co-invested in the overall organization costs since 2016.   

International mission:
“In 2020, four hundred years after the sailing of the Mayflower, the USA, Native Nations, UK and the Netherlands will participate in an inclusive four-nation commemoration. We will commemorate the story of the pilgrims, the cultures and places with which they interacted and do so by focusing on themes that make this commemoration relevant and urgent in the here and now, such as migration, tolerance and oppression. Local and international programs (cultural, educational and economic) are aimed to contribute to mutual understanding and critical reflection, and inspire future generations.”

The Pilgrims' journey to America will be commemorated in close collaboration with these four nations. During the commemoration many activities will be organised to examine the Pilgrim story from all sorts of perspectives.
This is why our motto is: one commemoration, 4 nations, a 1000 voices.