Launche of documentary ‘Stromingen' (Currents)

Sunday August 02, 2020

Genre:  Heritage and history
Education and exchange
Various locations in Leiden

The 2nd of August 2020 marked exactly 400 years ago that the Pilgrims sailed from Delfshaven – via England – to America to establish their own religious community. Four hundred years later America, England, the Native Nations and the Netherlands are jointly organizing an international, inclusive commemoration.

Both Leiden and Delfshaven have reflected on this grand undertaking by launching the documentary “Stromingen” (Currents) via Facebook on Sunday 2 August. It was jointly produced by Delfshaven400, Leiden400, Province South-Holland, Hidden City Foundation and TimeTransit Delfshaven.

Holland has always been a place where streams merge, figuratively and literally. As a delta, connected to the worlds waterways, streams of goods, people and ideas have come together here for centuries. 

In this documentary, we travel with the Pilgrims on their first leg through Dutch landscape, from Leiden to Delfshaven, to continue into the world from there. Through Virtual Reality (VR) the Hidden City Foundation makes it possible to travel back into time. Various locations in Leiden, along the Vliet and Delfshaven have been digitally reconstructed. At these locations, experts converse and discuss a range of topics such as the prosperity and poverty, the books from all over Europe that were printed in Leiden, the trade via the canals, the landscapes, the numerous migrants and refugees, the produce and germs from all over the world, etc