Webinar The Pilgrims

From Refugees to Colonists

Sunday November 08, 2020 (19:00)
End:  Sunday November 08, 2020 (20:01)
Genre:  Cultural
Heritage and history
Pieterskerk Leiden
Pieterskerkhof 1A
2311 SP Leiden
pilgrim departure from delfshaven

Four hundred years ago, the Pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts on the Mayflower after a long journey from Europe. Many of the Pilgrims actually started their journey in Leiden in the Netherlands, where they had lived for 12 years after leaving England as refugees.

Taking a 1620 painting of the Pilgrims departing the Netherlands as the starting point, this virtual event will explore the Pilgrims’ time in the Dutch Republic, the mythologies that developed around them and their trans-Atlantic migration, the ongoing impact on indigenous people, and the multi-national commemoration going on this year.

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Steven Peters
Creative Director, SmokeSygnals

Michaël Roumen
Executive Director, Leiden 400

Jori Zijlmans
Curator of History, Museum de Lakenhal

Christopher Atkins
Van Otterloo-Weatherbie Director, Center for Netherlandish Art, MFA, Boston

Jos Scheffelaar
Chairman, Boston Chapter of the Netherland America Foundation

Co-organized by
The Center for Netherlandish Art at the MFA, Boston
The Netherland America Foundation