The Fortune seekers dinner

Fortune seekers dinner

Thursday November 26, 2020
End:  Thursday November 26, 2020
Genre:  Social
Various locations in Leiden

The fortune seekers dinner is a total experience for all senses, focused on the universal feeling of home. From October 2015, Roos Tulen worked for nine months as an employee at the Leiden crisis and emergency reception for a group of refugees. She organized cultural activities and together with the refugees she looked for a middle ground between the old and the new home. During this period, there were so many significant events that she started filming. It was all very emotional, overwhelming and drastic. She used this material to create an experience for her audience. What if the worlds are so far apart, but these worlds at the core long for the same thing. The sadness, grief and pain of losing the old home as opposed to the love, growth and possibilities of the new house.

Roos Tulen invites visitors to share their unforgettable experience with her. An experience that impresses. Good food, beautiful music, moving stories and especially good conversations. Together we make at home!

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