Textile Research Centre: American Quilts

February 05, 2020
End:  June 25, 2020
Genre:  Cultural
Textile Research Centre (TRC)
Hogewoerd 164, 2311 HW Leiden

In order to celebrate Mayflower Year in Leiden, the Textile Research Centre in Leiden (info@trc-leiden.nl) is staging an exhibition about a typical and very characteristic aspect of American culture, namely the production of quilts. The planned TRC exhibition will focus on quilts produced in America. The exhibition will tell a story filled with colour, skill and some unusual histories. During the period of the exhibition there will be various workshops and lectures on the theme of American quilts and quilt history, as well as workshops about historical quilting techniques from other parts of the world.

The exhibition is open to the public from Thursday 6 February until 25 June. Entrance is free, but voluntary donations are appreciated. The TRC is open from Monday to Thursday, from 10.00 – 16.00.