Textile Festival


Genre:  Other
Various locations in Leiden

Pieterskerk Leiden
Pieterskerkhof 1A
2311 SP Leiden

the textile festival has been moved to 12 until 2021


From Wednesday May 13th until Saturday May 16th 2020, STIDOC (Foundation for Textile Information and Documentation Center) is organizing for the 6th time the Textile Festival in Leiden. Seven Dutch textile associations (total appr. 17,000 members) and Museum de Kantfabriek are represented in STIDOC.

The Textile Festival takes place in the unique historical city centre of Leiden. The Pieterskerk will be the festival ‘heart’ with more than 3500 m2 of exhibitions of the themed work of textile artists, artists from Leiden, top amateurs, and (inter) national students. The ‘Ledenexpostie’ (exhibition of all the members) is an important part of the festival. All associations work in one of the 3 themes; About borders - Thinking of home - Luggage. With the aim of creating a large exhibition with work in different techniques and materials from the various associations. The 3 themes are based on the commemorative year of the Pilgrims from Leiden.

During the festival, Leiden is all about textiles and textile art, in the Pieterskerk and along the Textile Route in the city centre of Leiden. For more information: www.textielfestival.nl

If you want to stay up-to-date please join the international ‘visitors to the Textielfestival 2020’ group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/567870920625144