Pilgrimwalk through Leiden

Sunday April 05, 2020
End:  Sunday April 05, 2020
Genre:  Cultural
Heritage and history
Various locations in Leiden

The Historical Society Old Leiden is organizing a (Dutch spoken) guided Pilgrim walk on April 5.

During their stay in the university city of Leiden, the Pilgrims gained a great deal of knowledge about issues such as legislation, freedom, science and religion. Nine US presidents are descended from these Leiden Pilgrims. George Bush Sr. even visited Leiden in 1989 for that reason. The origin of typical American customs, such as Thanksgiving Day, would come from their Leiden years.
Fact or fable?

The price for this excursion is 7.00 euros for HVOL (duo) members and 9.50 euros for guests.
There is room for a maximum of 60 participants.
You can register via: https://www.oudleiden.nl/Activiteiten/excursies