Orchestra Scratch 2020


Genre:  Cultural
Hooglandse Church
Nieuwstraat 20
2312 KC Leiden

The planned Scratch orchestra has been canceled due to Corona and will not take place in 2020.


For the first time, there will be a huge Orchestra Scratch in Leiden! A scratch is a full day of rehearsals ending with a concert, so the orchestra will start at 10h in the morning from scratch.
Maestro Guido Marchena will conduct about 200 (amateur) musicians in the monumental Hooglandse Kerk in Leiden. This is going to be a unique experience for both musicians as well as the audience.

This year, 2020, it is remembered that 400 years ago English refugees, after a 12 years long stay in Leiden, commenced a dangerous journey to The New World, in hopes of a better life. We now know them as Pilgrims and we know the huge consequences of that journey.
Antonín Dvo?ák’s Ninth Symphony “From the New World” was therefore a fitting and challenging choice. It is going to be an event to remember for orchestra and concert goers so come and join or listen!

The Ninth Symphony was written by Antonin Dvo?ák, while he was director of the National Conservatoire in New York. The Czech conductor and composer used his time in the U.S. to compose music. His impressions were translated into a symphony with the fitting title “From the New World”. This piece became one of the most well-known works from the Romantic period and with it Dvo?ák stood at the basis of American classical music. The Ninth Symphony still is a very renowned and beloved piece and was the obvious choice in this year of remembrance.

Members of the student orchestra S.M.G. “Sempre Crescendo” will be at the basis of this scratch-orchestra with room for more than 200 musicians!

(Amateur)musicians can apply HERE.
The rehearsals in the Hooglandse Kerk (church) on saturday April 18th will be from 10h in the morning untill 17h in the afternoon.
The concert is about 60 minutes long and conductor Guido Marchena will address the audience about the piece with a small but very interesting lecture.