Opening Ceremony Plymouth400 in Plymouth US


Genre:  (Inter)national partners
Various locations in Plymouth US

Due to COVID-19 this event has been cancelled.

Plymouth 400 Commemoration Opening Ceremony: originally scheduled for April 24, 2020 was cancelled. While it is not possible to recreate this event in its entirety, some elements of the ceremony will be incorporated into other events.

Original plan:

The Opening Ceremony of the Plymouth 400 Commemoration will be a two-hour event of historical content, musical headliners, interpretive readings, choreographed movement, original productions, and visual narratives to create a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle. The Plymouth 400 Legacy Time Capsule will be introduced, and the first items will be placed inside by special guests.

Honouring the past and celebrating the future, each of the commemoration themes – exploration, innovation, self-governance, religious expression, immigration, and thanksgiving – will be presented in creative ways. Invited participants include state and federal officials, representatives of the UK, The Netherlands, colony partners, and many more.