New Light on the Old Colony by Jeremy Bangs


Genre:  Heritage and history
Leiden American Pilgrim Museum
Beschuitsteeg 9
2312 JT Leiden

In november 2019 Dr. Jeremy Bangs presented his book New light on the Old Colony. Colonial government, Pilgrims, the New England town, Native land, the background of religious toleration, and the changing memory recalling the Pilgrims – all are examined and stereotypical assumptions overturned in 15 essays by the foremost authority on the Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony. Thorough research revises the story of colonists and of the people they displaced.

Bangs’ book is required reading for the history of New England, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Natives, the Mennonite contribution to religious toleration in Europe and New England, and the history of commemoration, from paintings and pageants to living history and internet memes.

If Pilgrims were radical, so is this book.