Ancestor Booth

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Genre:  Heritage and history
Leiden Heritage
Boisotkade 2A
2311 PZ Leiden

The Pilgrims spent twelve years living, working and praying in Leiden. Their history is recorded through hundreds of original centuries old documents: f.e. marriages, business partnerships, house purchases, last wills and court cases. Heritage Leiden keeps hundreds of these documents on the Pilgrims.

In the 'Ancestor Booth' visitors can stand eye to eye with these documents under supervision of a curator and even take a selfie with the document about their own ancestor. Additionally there will be short videos on individual Pilgrims’ stories, a reading corner and the possibility to browse through all documents and their English summaries.

The official opening on March 19th is postponed.

More information?
Check the website of Erfgoed Leiden (Heritage Leiden).