A Musical Pilgrimage


Genre:  Other
Various locations in Leiden

Due to the coronavirus, the Musical Pilgrimage, which was supposed to took place from June 3 to 7, has been postponed to 2021.


The Leiden City of Music Foundation has joined forces with BplusC (Leiden Public Library), Stichting Orgelstad Leiden, de Nederlandse Luitvereniging and several music ensembles, among others, to organize a music festival named A Musical Pilgrimage. The festival offers a contemporary take on historical facts, but also provides a historical context for contemporary issues through concerts and musical theatre, workshops as well as several forms of peripheral programming. Music in one way or another related to Leiden is the context in which all comes together.

Based on the story of the Pilgrims, several projects examine the effects of alienation, how identity and assimilation are related, where repression begins and what it can lead to. These questions are as relevant today as they were 400 years ago. As music is the most universal language, it is most suited looking for answers there.